What is the plan for building the playscape?

Children's Nature Playscape: Final Design

Our final design has been manifested in a spirit of full collaboration. Community input and city regulatory parameters have guided our vision that also incorporates geographical sensitivity, and an ever-evolving understanding of childhood needs. The innovative team at Only Outdoor Living has designed a harmonious and sensory space for the children of Kalamazoo.

Where is the playscape being built?

The playscape is being built across the street from Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo!

The 17,000 square foot lot is located at the corner of Academy and Church street. Free and open for the general public, Children's Nature Playscape is within walking distance from the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, Kalamazoo Public Library, and the Kalamazoo Mall. The addition of the playscape will turn downtown Kalamazoo into not only a destination for dining and shopping, but rather, a play space and educational zone for the younger members of our community.

What is the playscape design?

OCBA Landscape Architects has been hired to create the playscape, community surveys have been conducted, and the design elements chosen include:

Gates Playground A secret garden Pergola Sculpture

Loose Meadow Open Space Stone Splash Area Edible Growth

Creekbed Land Bridge Fort Shade Archway

Fencing Entrances Seating Restroom Paths Safety

The playscape will contain natural elements including logs, rocks, sand, and water. We are creating not only a playscape, we are creating a home for a variety of native plants, insect communities and trees. Invest in community by donating to Children's Nature Playscape here and Learn more about nature playscape here.