Children's Nature Playscape Donors

Children's Nature Playscape Donors 

We are eternally grateful to each of our donors. Your combined gifts continue to create a safe, welcoming space for children to learn and grow. Support for the Playscape has been immense and greater than we expected. We are in the process of updating our donor recognition page. 

Please bear with us as we update our donor list & THANK YOU for prioritizing Kalamazoo's youth and supporting Children's Nature Playscape!

Grateful Gardeners
These sustaining donors have arranged a monthly donation. If you would like to become a Grateful Gardner at any level, send an email to and we will contact you very soon.

Julian Borst
Jody Brylinsky & Marianne Frauenknecht
Fara Cochran
Martha Lehman
Mose & Pam Moseley
Jack & Carolyn Vredevelt

Playscape Protectors ($200,000+)

First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo

Enna Foundation 

Programming Philanthropists ($100,000 - $199,999)

Anonymous Gift

Faithful Foresters ($50,000 - $99,999)

Jim Gilmore Jr. Foundation
First Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo
Irving S. Gilmore Foundation
Suzanne U. D. Parish Foundation
Anonymous Gift
Tom & Linda Powell

Environmental Enthusiasts ($25,000 - $49,999)

The Marvin and Rosalie Okun Foundation
Mirthwood Fund
The Burdick-Thorne Foundation
W. S. & Lois VanDalson Foundation
Tyler-Little Family Foundation, In Memory of Steven Little Tyler
Monica Ann Evans Wildlife Endowment Fund
Havirmill Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Kalamazoo

Portland Loo Patrons ($10,000 - $24,999)

Briarwood Farm Foundation
Bill & Kathy Main Family Fund
Dorthy U. Dalton Foundation
The H.P. & Genevieve Connable Fund
Kalsec Inc.
Don Coggan
Harold & Grace Upjohn Foundation
Jim Gilmore Grant
Greenleaf - Martha Smith
WS & Lois Van Dalson Foundation

Water Feature Founders ($5,000 - $9,999)

Colina Foundation
Gary Sisters Foundation
Landscape Forms
Diane Lang
Sara & Rob Nicholson
Bill and Kathy Main Family Fund
Gregory & Catherine Peck

Boulder Benefactors ($1,000 - $4,999)

Marianne Frauenknecht
Jody Brylinsky
Becky & John Fulgoni
Alec F MacDonald
Greg & Cathy Peck
Kathryn Polzin
Bill & Lindy Rose
James Smith
Tom & Rita Fox
Bruce Nelson

David Ohmart
Edward & Virginia Hessler
John Pearson
Jean Friedel
Rebecca Fulgoni
Marybeth Smith
Charles & Lynn Zhang
Victoria Okuniewski
First United Methodist
WMU Homer Stryker School of Medicine 

Perennials Providers ($500- $999)

Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones
David G. Flagler Fund
Martha L Haug
Derl & Heidi Oberlin
Bassam E Harik

Gerald and Lelane Hardie
Richard and Aina Thomas
Bill Rose
Dick and Gloria Seabold
Randy & Pam Walker
Billy Martin - Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Heather and Nathan Dannison

Shade Tree Supporters ($250- $499)

Randy & Pam Walker
Nina Feirer
Praedel Family
Bill Rose

Nancy Lane Johson
Joellen Silberman
Ross Chapman & Amy Glass
Kristi Droppers
Robert Hill
Nicole Burke

Planting Soil Partners ($100 - $249)

Ryan & Ryan Attorneys at Law
George Baltmanis
Rebekah Farrugia
Nora Hauk
Colleen Heacock
Katherine Kinas
Karin A Larsen
Sarah E Lee
Kimberly S Licavoli
Steven J McWethy
Robert Poel
Scott N Schrum
Christina Shults

Peggy Johnston
Carol & Dennis Chandler 

Laura R VanVlack
Roberta J Wandel
Mitchell S Wilson
Emily Wright
Amy & David Lehr
John Steele
Juris & Patricia Baltmanis
Katrina Reed
Ann Mary McNab
Joann B Yochim
Melvin & Jan Doreen White
Rena Brooks
Nancy Ford Charles
Nancy Charles
Thomas & Caroline Meyers
Mary Sutton

Donald & Kathleen Cooney
Gerald Hardie
Jean Hess
Carl & Anna Ill
Bruce and Nancy Justin
Russell & Sally Kowalisyn
Becky & Rick Ramsey
J Richardson & Nancy Johnson
Adam & Anise Stong-Morse
Richard Welch & Lucinda Stewart
Jason & Nicikette Whitney
Sarah Wick
Terry & Sharon Williams
Robert & Janice Rensch
Craig & Linda Platt
Sandra & John Idema
Gary and Ann Fergemann
Charlie & Carol Kreneck

Flowering Shrub Friends ($50 - $99)

Secure Start, Inc.

Rober Balik
Steven B Bertman
Rex T Brueggemann
Roberts Cowell
Kim Douglas
Heather Goetzinger
Jennifer Hauschild

Lindsay Moore
Mary Ramm
Elizabeth Rohs
Adam Schwabauer
Jack & Carolyn Vredevelt
Christina Westbury
Denise Hartsough
Kathleen & Charles McNinch
Lena Cool

Darlene Mosher
Charles and Helene Coverdale
Rayline Manni
Doug Williams
Paula Chomis
Charles & Carol Krenek
Ellen Nelson
Jack & Carolyn Vredevelt
Janet Hanson 

Bench Builders ($25 - $49)

Thomas A Drabik
Katie Easton
Nancy Gregory
Ruth A Kuebler
Jessica Swartz
Jen Rice
Ashley Drenth
Mari Draeger

Rev. Vincent Lavier
John Hay and Nancy Stroupe
Diana Morton-Thompson
Alice Gordon
James & Charlene Lewis
Brent Bjorklund
Sara Wick

Seedling Starters ($1 - $24)

Katherine A Buzzard
Peter Patrick Greenman
Kathleen I Moorhead
Beth Walters
Katherine O'Bryan

Cathy Trotter
Elizabeth Buss
Peggy Johnston
Helayne Smith

In Honor

Nancy and J Richard Johnson in honor of Jody Brylinsky

Deb Zandt in honor of Dianne Roberts

Karin Larsen in Honor of Betty Goodrow

Jody Brylinsky in honor of Ava DiCicco, Emma DiCicco, Sarah Brylinsky, Aliza Brylinsky

Do You Care About Children's Health?

If you answered "yes" to this question then you should make a financial donation to Children's Nature Playscape! 

We are grateful to our many donors who have made the Children's Nature Playscape a reality. Any donation is a special donation.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at